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Dress Equity's profits are donated to different charities each year. Dresses that are not sold are donated to children in need so they can feel confident and improve their self-esteem. We also strive to be environmentally conscious by recycling gently used garments. By supporting Dress Equity you are making a positive impact on our world.

The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of humanity's greenhouse gas emissions and the pollution and decimation of sources of water. Each year, 13 million tons of textile waste is produced--95% of which could be reused or recycled. Dress Equity supports the practice of recycling by providing another life for gently used dresses.

World Resources Institute 

This year Dress Equity will be donating all profits to the World Resources Institute (WRI). The WRI works with governments, businesses, multilateral institutions and civil society groups to improve human society and protect the environment.

We Stand with Ukraine

This year, 20% of Dress Equity's profits will be donated to the Red Cross's Ukraine Crisis Appeal. 

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